Skua by Patrick Juvenelle

The Skua is an ultralight sailplane being developed in Brazil by a french pilot, Patrick Juvenelle .

Here is some more information on the Skua:

Skua characteristics:

EMPTY WEIGHT: 70 KG = 154 lbs.
STALL SPEED : 32 KM/H = 20 m.p.h.
GROSS WEIGHT: 170 KG = 375 lbs.
CRUZE SPEED : 75 KM/H = 106 m.p.h.
LENGTH :5,12 m = 16.8 ft.
MAX. SPEED : 110 KM/H = 68 m.p.h.
SPAN :12,6 m = 41 ft.
LOAD-FACTOR : +5,0;-3,0 G
AREA :12,2 M2 = 131 sq. ft.
Transportation over a car top or a small trailer
Wings disassembled in four equal pieces of 3 meters each.
Fuselage disassembled in 2 pieces.
Auxiliary engine installation will be possible on Skua.
Storage: Wings can be folded reducing wingspan in half.
Accessories for Skua: Take off light catapult, for take off on hang-gliding sites. (This will be the safest way of taking off).
Kit version will be available soon. (That,I don't know, lamination is quite a responsable job. Miguel says that it is common, especially in the USA. I believe that is a work of to much responsability to allow any one to laminate carbon and Fiber. What do you think?)
More information and photos

A letter of introduction from Patrick Juvenelle about the glider's concept.
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
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Photo 5
Photo 6
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Photo 8
3-view photo
Skua data
Skua description
Update letter from Patrick on the latest developments as of April, 1998.


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