Ghostbuster by Flight Design

The Ghostbuster is a hybrid rigid-wing model recently designed by, and soon to produced by, Flight Design, and is the predecessor model to the Axxess and the successor to the Exxtacy, also by Flight Designs.

It is similar to, and obviously influenced by, the Exxtacy and the ATOS. You may find more information on the Ghostbuster at the Flight Design website.


  • Span 13 m
  • Area (flap in- out) 12,60 - 13,50 m2
  • Aspect ratio (flap in- out) 13,4 - 12,5
  • Weight (w/out bags) 36 kg (light sail)
  • 38 kg (normal sail)
  • Glider launch weight range 90-160 kg (i.e pilot & gear range of 55-125 kg)
  • Minimum sink rate with max. take off weight 0.7 m/s
  • Best L/D with max. take off weight 20/1 ?
  • Best L/D. with flaps circa 7/1
  • Packed size 26 x 52 x 620 cm
  • Design factor (to failure with max. take-off weight) 9 g

Some pictures of the Ghostbuster