The Carcará is a hybrid rigid-wing model being developed by a group in Brazil. As of this date (May 11, 1999), details are sketchy, but a few rumours have appeared on the Brazilian hang gliding mailing list. The prototype is forecast to be ready near the end of this May. João Moreno (tel. (021)491 0876 or (021)9177-1430 in Brazil) will be responsible for exports, and is looking for the most cost-effective country in which to certify the design.

The D-tube leading edge will be made in a composite mixture of resin and carbon "the same as used on the Avian and on the Aeros Stealth cross-bar". However, another source says the D-tube will be made of styofoam sheathed in kevlar and fiberglass.

The wing covering is a type of transparent film that it is said will help the glider's performance.

The designer is a master who works at Embraer, the national aeroplane manufacturer, and who designed the Tucano trainer and EMB-145 air transport aircraft.

The price has been set at 9600 Reais for the first 10 units, with 6 already said to be sold.

Specifications (projected)

Span ??
Area (flap in- out) ?? m2
Aspect ratio (flap in- out) ??
Weight (w/out bags) 30 kg
Glider launch weight range ?? kg
Minimum sink rate with max. take off weight ?? m/s
Best L/D with max. take off weight 25/1
Best L/D. with flaps ??
Packed size ??
Design factor (to failure with max. take-off weight)