Lumina by Hubert Zoltan

The Lumina, designed by a young french engineer named Hubert Zoltan, was a hybrid-wing designed explored by Icaro 2000, makers of the successful Laminar series of flexwing hang gliders. The Lumina looks like an Exxtacy with ailerons instead of spoilers, or a Millennium with a control frame instead of a hang cage. It was expected to be released in fall of 1998, but did not enter production. Icaro has instead focussed on distributing the Atos.

Some Information of the Lumina

Icaro's web page
AV8's web page
From AV8's page: "Icaro 2000's newest wing, the Lumina. Check back for latest information or ask to be added to our e-mail news.

The release date for the Lumina is September 1998 after it finishes all DHV tests. Below is a press release from Gianni Holtz @ Icaro 2000."

The first Lumina - the new rigid wing from Icaro designed by a young french engineer - flys great.

The look is similar to the Exxtacy, Franco is very impressed by its behaviour even if I think there will be not much difference in
performance to his german concurrent. First DHV results are very confortable. We will soon start with production but we need
from you some estimated figures about sellings. All the carbon composite parts will be made outside of our factory and we
have to conclude an agreement, depending from quantities.

The retail price of the Lumina will be just a little more expensive then the Exxtacy (actually $ 9.500 in the States and DM
15.300 in Germany).