Aggony by Herb Seidenberg

From: "Stanley N. KOSZELAK" (
To: Hang Gliding Digest
Date: Wednesday, June 12, 1998

Is anyone interested in seeing images of an Exxtacy modified for
supine with twist grips to work the spoilerons as well as the tip
rudders? Tip rudders? Didn't I mention the tip rudders? Anyway,
it's been so highly modified that it's now known as The Aggony.
Does anyone know where I can post these images?

The owner, Herb, cranked off a hundred-miler in the Owens last
week, so it seems to be flying pretty well. You may remember that
he didn't like the roll rate on the stock Exxtacy; and, being used
to a Fledge, thought that tip rudders would do the trick.