Top Secret by La Mouette

The Top Secret is a hybrid rigid wing constructed by La Mouette, that entered production in 2000. It is similar to the Pegasus and the Exxtacy. However, the spoilerons are located closer to the trailing edge, and the flaps are larger. You can read more about the Top Secret in the December 1998 issue of 'Fly & Glide' (formerly 'Drachenflieger') magazine (text is in German); however, that article describes an earlier prototype, very similar to the Pegasus.

Specifications of the Top Secret

Weight 35 Kg
Wing span 12.9 m
Folded legth 5.6 m
Nose angle 145°
Sail area 14 sq.m
Pilot hook-in weight 70-120 Kg
Sink Rate w/ 80 kg. pilot 0.7 m/s
Max L/D ~17:1
Look for further information at the La Mouette website.

Pilot reports on flying the Top Secret:

David Kinlan's experiences in Europe with a prototype Top Secret with tail-plane
Photos of the Top Secret

Tsunami, the upgrade of the Top Secret.

Here you find the Tsunami.