EF5 by Ewen Fagan

The EF5 was an Australian rigid wing designed in 1977 by Ewen Fagan that was similar in design to the Manta Fledgling. It was sold as plans and in kit form only by Ewen. It was also produced under licence by Skyland Kites, Qld in the late 1980's. For controls: Tip rudders for yaw/roll were worked by two levers on the control bar, with weight shift for pitch.


EF5-12M: (40 ft span version - amazing sink rate). 1978
EF6: Tapered wing version. 12m span, better glide. 1979.


(thanks to John Reynoldson)

  • Span 32ft

  • Area 140 sq ft
  • Sweep 15 degrees/side
  • Dihedral: 7 degrees
  • Washout 7 degrees
  • Aerofoil: reflexed
  • Weight 65 lb