Utopia by Bright Star Hang Gliders

New Millennium prototype - the "Utopia"

From Steven Morris: "We are playing around with a new version of the Millennium that has a bigger wingspan (39 ft) and a smaller hang cage. This version is optimized for max L/D with a fairing (soon to be fitted) and the flight testing has shown excellent results so far. The performance fully faired should be very close to a Swift's. We may offer it as a new product, but since we don't have jigs for all the parts of this new design, the price will be higher than a standard Millennium (probably in the range of $11.5k to $12k)." For more information, contact Steven Morris.

An additional detail: The cage is raised much closer to the wing for improved visibility and is also angled 8° downward. The frontal area of the cage is greatly reduced.

Photos of a new Millennium-based prototype (March, 1999)
(project name Utopia)

Brian Porter flying the new prototype
new proto in a steep turn
close-up at Ed Levin Park of the new cage (more compact, closer to the wing, angled down for better visibility)
- this cage may be retrofittable to existing Millennia, but only at the factory.
Looking down on Brian Porter (photo by Manfred Ruhmer)
Brian Porter aerotow-launching at Quest
Brian Porter over the Florida flatlands (photo by Manfred Ruhmer)