ESC by Jos Guggenmos

The ESC is a hybrid rigid-wing model made by Jos Guggenmos. It is similar to, and obviously influenced by, the Exxtacy and the ATOS. Key difference from the Exxtacy is a lot lighter weight.

In comparison to the E7, one of the improvements in the ESC is that the twist is set into the D-cells; accordingly, the right and left wings each have their own D-cells, not interchangeable. You can see the ESC on the Guggenmos web site.

ESC Specs

  • Span 12.1 m
  • Area 13.4 m2
  • Weight 32.5 kg


Note: The following comments about the ESC are made by Jim Zeiset, the U.S. distributor of the E7 [and likely the ESC as well], as published in the OZ Report, Vol. 3, No. 126, on November 20th, 1999.
"Guggenmos Drachenbau announces the ESC, so named because it has Effective Sophisticated Camber. The aft sections of the inboard 5 ribs have an under camber similar to high performance sail planes. This with the incorporation of elliptical tips noticeably improves sink rate.

"The Utopia exhibited a superior sink rate at the Worlds partially because of aft under camber. The spoilers have been moved back to facilitate deployment at high speed and are angled more perpendicular to the relative wind. The span is 40 feet, area is 143 sq. ft. and it weighs less than 70 lbs. The ribs are shorter and consequently the aspect ratio is higher but I don't have that number at this time. The glider breaks down into two halves, can be delivered in 5 weeks and costs $10,500.

Davis Straub comments: "Hmm! Let's see, the spoilerons moved back (to where Felix Ruehle put them to begin with?) after all the discussion that went on earlier about spoileron placement (as reported earlier in the Oz Report). We saw this also in a previous E7 that Joseph was flying at the Worlds.

"Curved tips? Ooh, looks like an ATOS (and a Top Secret that is based on the ATOS). Hey, Moyes had it right all along. We'd love to get more specifications on this glider. It's great to see more competition in the rigid wing area. This definitely looks like an improvement.

"Joseph is a great craftsman and makes beautiful gliders (sort of like Bob Trampeneau). Felix worked with him on the E7 and how he's had a chance to see how that glider did against others."