Elytre by ...

Thanks to The OZ Report for the following information:

The Elytre is a simple ultralight glider being designed and built by ...

The design is intended to be foot-launched, car-towed, aerotow-launched, or with some other assistance.

The glider is being constructed of carbon and foam fiber. The wing structure is covered in carbon; the rudder and stabiliser are fully molded pieces. The fuselage is a collection of cross-sectional pieces set in place along the keel tube, with the forward section covered in a carbon skin. The wing folds into 4 pieces: two rectangular pieces each 4.5 m long, and two trapezoidal pieces 3 m long. The center section above the wing is removable, allowing access to fittings and the reserve parachute.

The Elytre is equipped with flaps, allowing for the performance necessary for a foot-launch. So, it will fit under FAI Class O-2.

As of September, 2003, the builders have moved into a new location so they can begin construction of the wings.


  • Airfoil ?
  • Area 11.56 m2
  • Aspect Ratio 21.3
  • Weight 55 kg.
  • Max take-off weight ?
  • Wing loading ?
  • Span 15 m
  • Length 5.35 m
  • L/D max. about 31 at 54 km/h
  • Min. sink 0.42 m/s at 40 km/h
  • Max speed (smooth air) ?


The glider is still in the initial construction phase, so there are no pictures yet.