Magic Dragon by Steve Arndt

The Magic Dragon was designed by Steve Arndt, based on the Carbon Dragon by Jim Maupin of California. It has a 45' wingspan with full-span flaperons and winglets, max. L/D of about 25:1. It is built of plywood, with some carbon fiber, molded graphite, fiberglass and/or kevlar.

The Magic Dragon is usually launched and landed on a wheel.

This is a unique custom aircraft, with only one flying to date.

Writes Steve Arndt: "My glider is based on the Carbon Dragon but it is unique in several important aspects. The wings are longer which adds almost a foot of span. I have installed winglets which effectively add to the span as well. The fuselage has less frontal area and has been reshaped to reduce drag. The surface elements of the original Dragon were made of 1/32 inch plywood. I replaced all the plywood that touches the surface with molded graphite, fiberglass and/or kevlar. The composites allow compound curves not possible with plywood so a much more rounded, smooth appearance is possible. I also used carbon rods in the spars for added strength and my glider has been load tested to 5 G's based on my weight (185 pounds) and the additional weight of the installed ballistically deployed parachute.

Why change the name? I was told by another builder that Jim Maupin told him that if he changed the design, he shouldn't call it a Carbon Dragon. Besides, for me, the building and especially the flying have been truly magical."