Warning: adult humor!

The Vulture is a hybrid rigid-wing model made by Flog Designs (not to be confused with Flight Designs, the makers of the Exxtacy ).

Subject: New Rigid Wing from Canada!
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 08:31:57 PDT
From: "Savus Draub"
To: hang-gliding@lists.utah.edu, rigid-wing@lists.utah.edu

We've been sitting on this story for over two minutes after we got an excited phone call from DV8. We were sworn to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and we haven't told anyone anything truthful yet, but now I will...

Swearin Aepstin, the designer of the Vulture, has shown his new rigid wing glider at the Oceanside spot landing contest last month. Although he didn't say, we are assuming that it won. Revolutionary!

The new rigid wing glider is called the VULTURE. It comes in one size fits all and can be seen at http://www.halcyon.com/pacnosea/Vulture/

The number you should bare in mind about the Vulture 135, is its Aspect Ratio - 20.1. This compares to the AR of the Exxtacy and the IXBO at 10.15, and the small Exxtacy at 9.4. This is an incredible AR for a hang glider.

There will also be a few other interesting numbers. Like Max L/D = 25:1 Vs. 17.5 for the Exxtacy. Minimum sink = 120 ft/min. Vs. 150 ft/min. for the Exxtacy. We are assuming that this assumes a hook in weight for the pilot at 200 lbs. These are proven numbers as measured at the spot landing contest.

How about glider weight out of the bag at 82 lbs? This compares with the Exxtacy at 85 lbs. We hope Swearin has not used the FD Factor in measuring the glider weight.

Sail area is 135 sq. ft., and the span is 52 ft. The glider packs "down" to 5 inches, by 5 inches by 10 feet. We are not clear on this and have asked Swearin for more information. The Exxtacy packs down to 9"x20"x20'. This seems to indicate that the sail isn't packed around the D-Cells. Or anything, for that matter.

The pilot weight range looks to be greater than the Exxtacy 160. This hook in weight range is 100 to 300 pounds. If the weight ranges for hook in weight are different, this would indicate that the Vulture 135 is indeed lighter then the Exxtacy 160.

These weight range numbers also make you wonder why anyone would want the ATOS 145, except pilots that wanted a lighter weight glider. The ATOS 145 weighs less then the Exxtacy 135, but who cares, because the Vulture weighs More!

Here are the specs as Swearin sent them to me:

Technical Data VULTURE 135

Span 52 feet
Aspect Area 20.1
Sail Area 135
Weight 82
Packing Size 5" x 5" x 10'
Take Off Weight 150 - 400
L/D 25
Min. Sink 120 ft/min
Swearin says "It's so fuckin easy to carry once its in the god damn bag (2.5 hours), even a fucking sissy can carry it"

Swearin also states that "the max L/D improvement is a conservative calculation because it doesn't account for how fucking killer this glider is". He also states, "However, 34:1 can be reached only by removing the Pilot. With a higher drag of the Pilot the difference in L/D with respect to the Exxtacy will be fucking killer."

Swearin was very concerned about pilot orientation when testing the Vulture. "You have to be parallel to the wing with your arms to your sides to get really fucking high."

He also says, "BTW, these numbers are ridiculous, this glider preys on everything else. Of course, now every air junky will think I'm god."

Swearin goes on, "There are more advantages. It gets the chicks".

I asked him:

How are you able to significantly reduce the size of the glider (18%), and decrease the minimum sink rate and increase the max. L/D? That is, how did you make the glider more efficient?

Swearin answered:

"Cause I built a fucking different glider" "duh!"
We asked Swearin:

Will the glider be as strong as the other Rigids?

"The break load of the Ixbo was 780 kg in comparison to the Exxtacy (1080kg DHV test). This was quite enough but with small changes it was possible to increase the max. load further (+50%). I did load tests by running it over with the DHV car at critical locations. This was possible thanks to the fucking idiots I let drive.

"The Vulture has the same design loads as a 747."

Oh man, more interesting information. First, that the fancy looking Ixbo didn't have the strength of the Exxtacy. Second, that the Ixbo and the Exxtacy have the same glide. And, third, the thought occurs, why not the VULTURE at 25:1 instead of 17? (34:1 without the pilot.)

BTW, the weight of the VULTURE = 82 lbs.(without pilot)

We heard that you've increased the setup time by 2000%. How have you done this? What is the rib setup?

Swearin stated:

"Well you could set it up in the same fuckin time as the rest of the gliders, but I'm factoring in an additional 2 fucking hours for gloating and tellin people how kick ass it is."

Swearing also states:

"The name of the new Company is Flog Designs. I'll be making them in my back yard, out by the chicken coop."

"Each glider will have a sticker with "Ass kicker on board" One, but not exclusive distributor is DV8. This means the customer can buy the glider at Flog DV8 or Deja Vu. The advantage of this strategy is, you can get all your spare parts after a good day of flyin at the places your going to anyway.

Simply amazing! Deja Vu will be a distributor. Will this mean that DV8 is a US distributor?

"We asked Swearin what he thought of the other Rigid wing designers"

Swearin said:

"Isn't it obvious, those fuckin guys are morons! why get a 17, 18, or 20 to1 glide, when you can have 25:1"

Are there other competitors out there? We hear of the Stealth version coming out very soon. We've seen the pictures of the Lumina. We haven't heard much about the Top Secret lately. How do you plan to compete?

Swearin says:

"Have you been fuckin listenin?. Stop askin questions and buy one. Shit, they're only $6700 Canadian."