Tsunami by Gérard Thevenot and La Mouette

A upgrade to the Top Secret

I got word of this one thanks to Chris Jones of HGPG (UK).

"The Tsunami was developed from the La Mouette Top Secret as a rigid wing competition hang glider. Thevenot decided to market it under his Helite brand which was also used for a line of powered parachutes. Available c. 2003, the aircraft is now out of production and the brand is no longer used.

The aircraft is made from tubing, with the wing covered in Dacron sailcloth. Its 12.9 m2 (138.9 sq ft) area wing is a "topless" design with no kingpost. The nose angle is 145°. 

The Tsunami won a number of hang gliding championships in the rigid wing class." (source: Wikipedia.org)

2004 Neil Atkinson And Tsunami

2004 Neil Atkinson

2004 Neil Atkinson On A Helite Tsunami July04 Neil