Carbon Dragon by Jim Maupin

The Carbon Dragon was designed by a team led by the late Jim Maupin of California. It has a 44' wingspan with full-span flaperons, empty weight of 145 lb., gross weight of 335 lb. (i.e. Max. pilot weight of 150 lb.), Max. L/D of about 25:1. It is built of plywood, with some carbon fibers (hence the name).

The Carbon Dragon has a sling seat and bomb-bay doors underneath the fuselage so that it can be foot-launched if necessary. Gary Osoba reports having made a number of foot launches in 12 mph winds, and at least one launch in winds as light as 8 mph. It is usually landed on a wheel.

There are only a few of these aircraft flying to date.

You can get more information on the Carbon Dragon, and other Jim Maupin designs, from Janice Maupin at Jim Maupin Ltd.

Another design by Jim Maupin was the Windrose, a self-launching sailplane built from plans.