Bi-SWIFT by Aeriane

Aeriane told us that there are just 2 Bi-SWIFTs in flying condition (2014). The one we have at our glidingclub, Avia Airsports, is no longer in its original form. We added a streamlined canopy with tail to gain a bit in glide ratio.

This glider is still in use to school possible or new Swift pilots. Contact us at .

Bi Swift05

My son, Jonathan inside the Bi-SWIFT. Nick (behind Bi-SWIFT) and Cedric (in front of Bi-SWIFT) are both certified instructors.


This old hangglide pilot gets a opportunity to feel the feeling of being airborne again and to enjoy the super view around.

Both persons have total different height. It is visible in their position of their knees.

To make the fuselage as slender as possible the outer arms are placed partly outside.

Me (Koen Van de Kerckhove alias nestofdragons) and one of my instructors Pavel (left)