Latest updates of the website

February 5, 2024: i added a few more tandemwings to the tandemwing section. Despretz, SE100, Taupin. And a extra page about the Pulga of Juan de la Farge in the Flying Flea section.

Januari 6, 2024:

December 31, 2023:

  • I added a page about the tandemwings of Roland Payen. Seems he inspired Henri Mignet.

December 2023:

  • I added a lot of pictures of modifications of Flying Fleas. I hope they inspire.

15 November 2023:

  • I added a new section in the Flying Flea section. Modifications. I started with a HM293 with a radial engine. Very rare.

13 November 2023:

  • I add a flight report of Jim Bruton in the Flying Flea section. It covers his very first flight in his HM14/360. Sure is worth reading as it warns about flight behavior which is usual in a Flying Flea but feels as weird to a pilot of a "normal" airplane.

11 November 2023:

9 November 2023:

  • I added a few youtubes. Rex's Hangar has fine videos about the airplanes i like so much. I added them in the page about assymetric airplanes, giants and twins.

25 October 2023:

2 June 2023:

1 Februari 2023:

  • Andy Smith showed me how he used the Flying Wing Designer tool by Marko Stamenovic to create his own huge flying wing. I added the info at the end of the Flying Wing Designer page.

11 November 2022:

  • Inspired by the work of James Greenberger i started working on a page about WIG or Wing In Groundeffect. Go see to the work so far. WIG

24 August 2022:

  • Thanks to Manek Ivanov i can add a wonderful small airplane to my BULM section. Yes, it is very very basic. Say hello to Dingo

21 April 2022:

  • Thanks to Andy Whitehead i will allowed to share his Prandtl inspired free flight model. It uses the Bell Shaped Lift Distribution which is so typical with the Horten flying wings. You can find the PDF of the plan here

24 June 2021:

  • Thanks to Craig Hopkins i got more News Bulletins about the Mitchellwing. They are added at the bottom of this page.

06 July 2021:

  • Thanks to Mike Whittaker i could add a chapter in his MW9 Plank chapter. It is about flying planks and the untruth about their pitch instability.

24 June 2021:

  • Thanks to Craig Hopkins i got hold of the old Mitchellwing B-10 newsbulletins. You can find them at the bottom here.
  • Congrats to Tony Harding. His Flying Flea HM14e/360 got certified by the FAA. I added his picture at the top of the Flying Flea main page.

21 April 2021:

15 April 2021:

  • I added a page about the steering system i designed. It is narrow (60 cm wide) and will be used on my transformed electric ZERO SR/F. You see it here.

8 January 2021:

5 January 2021:

18 November 2020:

  • I added another special page about a remarkable flying plank. The MW9. Thanks Mike Whittaker for the info you gave me.

12 October 2020:

  • I got some new info about the possible reason of the crash of the Facel Opal. I added that info to the page.

02 July 2020:

  • This airplane deserves to get a Special-page. I hope it becomes a tribute to the work of Scott Winton, his Facet Opal. This flying wing is really really special.

25 May 2020:

  • I am super proud to be able to show you a instrument many Flying Flea fans were looking for. Some help to better understand how to build the HM14/360, which is the combination of the most retro looking Flying Flea and the more performing wing of the HM360. The building log was made by Tony Harding. You can find his work on the PLANS page in the Flying Flea section

17 May 2020:

  • I added another free glider model, designed by Aleksey Sychev. This time it is a classic primary glider. He made it as a tribute to a friend of him, who teaches kids to fly gliders. A very noble task. Click here to see the free plans.

10 May 2020:

  • I added a Youtube-build-up-guide to the free plan. I hope it helps you build the glider. I also added the plans of a RC-edition. Thanks, Aleksey Sychev.
  • I added another free model plan by Aleksey Sychev on the free plans page. This time it is a canard.

2 May 2020:

  • I am very proud to be able to show the work of Aleksey Sychev. You can find his free glider plans here

15 January 2020: 

  • I am proud to announce i was allowed to place some extra plans of the HM293, a Flying Flea. Its link can be found on the HM293 chapter of the free plans page. These plans have no text, the titles are in French. But you can simply see what it is.

21 October 2019: 

  • I added a youtube of the diskoplane on the page about Low Aspect Ratio's. Thanks to John Frazer for guiding me towards this video.

13 July 2019: 

22 April 2019: 

10 April 2019: 

17 Mars 2018: 

  • I added the Russian translation of the Flying Wing Designer tool. Thanks Sergey Fedulov for the translation.

31 January 2018: 

  • I added the latest tool by Marko Stamenovic. The PARABOL FLYING WING DESIGNER. You can find it at the bottom of the Flying Wing Designer page.

September 2017:

  • Added recent info about the coming WUFI-event. Don't miss it if you are flying a basic, light airplane. You can do WUFI on whatever airstrip close to you.
  • Thanks to Andy McKee i could add a picture to the Low Aspect Ratio page.

06 mars 2017:

  • Added 10 editions of the old Pou Renew magazines. It is Flying Flea related. And it holds really god stuff if you intend to construct one.

09 februari 2017:

  • Added a video of the Low Aspect Ratio airplane called UFO by David Rowe. It sure is worth watching. At the end of the video there is a interview.

17 januari 2017:

  • Added a page about the SOLO, another very tiny airplane. A perfect new part in my BULM section (Basic Ultra Light Motorized).

6 july 2016:

1 july 2016:

22 june 2016:

  • Preparing the arrival of the Mignet plans and the old Pou Review and Pou Renew magazines. Sooooon they will arrive. Me super proud!

21 june 2016:

8 april 2016:

15 mars 2016:

  • oh boy ...where to start?? I added quite a bit of new pages. I will probably forget several, but i try to sum them all up.
  • Added ALL the data about my DragonWing, footlaunchable composite hangglider. I had to stop my project, but it is toooo good to let go to waste. You find all airfoils, twist and other info in this new section in the Horten section.
  • Added the info i received of the NASA Prandtl flying wings. Most impressive stuff. We are really learning a lot the last years about flying wings. Go see the video to learn it all. This page was also added to the Horten section.
  • Added the Impact rigidwing. Thanks to some viewers i became aware that it was missing in the list of rigidwings.
  • Added the Skysail rigidwing of Frank Colver.

16 januari 2016:

  • I did a lot of changes to the website, but i forgot to mention them here. I try to list the most new things.
  • Building a huge new section called Guide for Beginner Pilots. I really hope it will soon be finished. And i truly hope it will become a tool for others to find their way in aviation.
  • Adding some sneak-peaks about my own DragonWing project. More will follow later.
  • Adding a WONDERFUL TOOL FOR FLYING WING RC MODELERS. It was made for me by Marko Stamenovic. Waaaw! Now a Horten twist really looks easy. :)

28 januari 2015:

  • from today i will continuously add reports about the construction of the prototype of the BirdGlider. I have seen it is easier for me to keep the BirdGlider Facebook page updated. So be sure to join that group. I will let you in if i see that your profile has airplane stuff. I have to do this to avoid those advertisement placing spammers.

14 januari 2015:

17 december 2014:

  • Added another rigidwing to the overview. I know little about it. It is the Schikarus.

15 december 2014:

  • Added info to the GOAT page. This non-footlaunchable airchair is surely a must to see.
  • Added a letter from Jim Marske to the Viceroy page, also some new info about the Monarch.
  • Added a video to the Raptor page.

12 december 2014:

  • Added info and pictures and video to Monarch. Also added a few letters from Bill Daniels about the theory of the Marske flying wings.
  • Added a new page about a lesser known Jim Marske rigidwing. And thanks to Rich Childs i got it labeled.
  • Added video to Superfloater page.
  • Added display adress of the Goblin in the Parasites page. Thanks Kent R. Brockmann for this info.
  • Added letter of designer of Spectre. Thanks Laurent.

11 december 2014:

  • Added a page to the footlaunched rigidwings for the Spectre.

10 december 2014:

  • Added several scans of a old magaziine holded a lot of info about the Volmer VJ23.

9 december 2014:

06 december 2014:

  • Added a new section. It is a overview of all the rigidwings. It is based on the old non-active site of Stewart Midwinter. I got his permission to put it back online and to adjust it. Thanks, Stewart.

Novmber 2014:

  • Added a new section about the BirdGlider. It will be my first alu-metal airplane.

5 Mars 2014:

  • Added a new page in the DragonCub project. It holds a few examples of the drawings i recieved from Predrag Devic's team. With their design work i can now build this modern Flying Flea. Thanks, Predrag! You can contact Predrag Devic on facebook.

7 Februari 2014:

  • Added a own design for a side stick for my DragonCub. I really like this idea. Symple and totally free of interference between pitch and yaw control. I call it the Dragn sidestick.  :)

Januari 2014:

  • Added a new sector about my own Flying Flea design, the DragonCub, which i will commercialize. 

19 December 2013:

December 2013:

October 2013:

  • The professional side of the website was installed.
    Yes, i have a firm that makes composites parts for airplanes, cars, whatever. The main page gives more visibility to the prof side, but ...all the rest of the old pages are still visible with the links at the bottom of the home page.

23 September 2013:

  • Added a video to the Monsterbike page explaining the door.

14 September 2013:

  • Added a few pictures and one video to the Monsterbike page.


12 June 2013:

  • Converted the old page about how to cover wings with DIATEX to the new website edition. Now it has all the text too of the old website. Aparently it only had the pictures. It is a good guide for first users of Diatex.

22 May 2013:

  • Added another old page. The Low Budget Bomber idea of several years ago. And ...i added some new edition to that idea. A UAV-edition.


21 May 2013:

  • Added a new own idea in the "Few of my thoughts" section. It is called The Bird Glider. Once you see it, you will understand the name.  :)
  • Reinstalled another page of my old site. It is the BirdTail.

18 May 2013:

  • Added a page of the old website in the reborn section "Few of my thoughts". This time it is the Mixed Hangglider Control.

17 May 2013:

  • Added a section of my old site again. "Few of my thoughts" is a collection of drafts i made through the years. Don't expect anything normal there.  :) I will add pages in that section as i find time. So some pictures might not have the links yet.
    I started with the BirdWing and the DragonTail.

09 May 2013:

  • Added a video to the Carbon Funbike page. By the way ...we changed the name into Carbon Funbike (originally it was just Funbike) because there were soooooo many funbikes in the internet.  :)

23 April 2013:

  • Added three pictures and a video to the Monsterbike page. They are seat related.

19 April 2013:

  • Waaaaw! recently i was contacted by a very very friendly person from the Department of Aviation of the UNC University of Cordoba in Argentina. He gave me a lot of pictures of the Horten footlaunched gliders. I added them to the picture pages of the HXa and the HXb (look at bottom of page). Many, many thanks.

18 April 2013:

  • Addded a update to the Monsterbike page. A new body proposal, conclussions after installing the seat and receiving the BMW C1 front screen.

10 April 2013:

  • Addded a extra chapter about the Monsterbike. It is a conversion of a Suzuki Burgman 650 scooter into a recumbent, semi closed motorbike made for long range and weather proof riding.

15 Mars 2013:

  • Addded the last pictures of the Open Pou project wing assembly which i made in my old school with my student volunteers. If you want to see how a wooden wing is made. Here you should look.

8 Mars 2013:

  • Addded a few pictures of my own Funbike project. It is a Feet Forward recumbent electric scooter. Testride reports will follow soon.

6 Mars 2013:

  • Addded the first of a set of pages about a old project i did. The Open Pou. It was a primary glider based on the Flying Flea of Henri Mignet. It was build by kids and it was intended to be used by kids. Sadly the project got shelved due to my director of my school where i did teach. The pages give enough info about how to make ribs and so in a very easy way.
    More pages will follow soon. One page about the making of the spars and another about the assembly of spar and ribs.

14 Februari 2013:

13 Februari 2013:

24 October 2012:

17 October 2012:

  • I added a few pictures i got from Manfred Poznanski to the Horten HIV page. They show nicely the pilots position in the cockpit.

11 October 2012:

  • I added new info i got by email about the replica project of the Horten HIVa Flying Wing.

5 October 2012:

  • I added a remark from Sascha Heuser on the performance data of the HIVa i first used in the site.

3 October 2012:

  • I added a page about the Horten HIVa. Many thanks to Sascha Heuser for the permission to use the pictures of his remarkable flyable replica.

26 September 2012:

25 September 2012:

  • Based on the pictures i was allowed to use from Jörg Schaden of . I was able to make a page about the Horten HIIIf. The conversion with the pilot in prone position.

23 September 2012:

17 September 2012:

  • Added a page with goooood info about the Horten HXc which was build in the workshop of Bill Moyes. The page contains the interview i had with Bill Moyes.

14 September 2012:

  • Added a page with the just finished electric Funbike. My transformation of the electric Volta scooter. I also altered all the electric vehicle pages a bit to make it better to view.

25 August 2012:

  • Added a link to extra info about the Piper TwinCub on the Twins page. Thanks Jon Kelly for guiding me to that site.

15 August 2012:

09 July 2012:

  • Updated the HXb picture section to its old status. At last it now has the guiding text and all the pictures it used to have.

02 July 2012:

05 June 2012:

  • Electric vehicles: added a Twizy video about its acceleration and making tight turns in it. Was fun!  :)

30 May 2012:

  • Tandemwings (Nenadovitch):
  • added three rare pictures of Milane 2. Copyright Jaap Zwart. He gave me permission to use them.
  • Electric vehicles:
  • added a youtube video about security during charging and not getting your house in fire.

22 May 2012:

  • Flying Wings (auto stable airfoils):
    • added updated link for the Marske gliders. Kollman is constructing them now.

20 May 2012:

  • My electric vehicles:
    • added new video about the passenger seat of the Renault Twizy.

20 April 2012:

  • My electric vehicles:
    • added new video about my attempt to install LEDs on my Renault Twizy. I didn't work out like i planned. Can anybody tell me what went wrong?

17 April 2012:

  • My electric vehicles:
    • added a new video about some questions i got about the Renault Twizy.

12 April 2012:

  • My electric vehicles:
    • added a new video about the Renault Twizy. A funny one, i guess.
    • added a picture of the Swift Pas to the same page. Sadly i could not find any pictures of the electric one i bought and will receive in july 2012.

04 April 2012:

  • My electric vehicles:
    • added a page with a few youtubes of my vehicles. See it here.

01 April 2012:

  • Weird airplanes:
    • added a email of Rit Staalman to the Giant page. It is Do X related.

06 March 2012:

  • Weird airplanes:
    • corrected the link to the Souricette site on my BULM pages.

24 February 2012:

10 February 2012:

  • I adjusted the text about Nedo Lavorinni a bit and placed the Big Bad Wolf page to a more visible place. Apparently it is needed as still many ask info about the HM 160 and ...still people buy those scam plans of a illegal copy of the Nedo Lavorinni fully aluminium Flying Flea (those plans are even dangerously incomplete!). Things like this make me fear that people might loose money or ...their lives if not properly guided towards the good Flying Flea stuff.

30 December 2011:

  • Here and there in the site i added youtube videos. I hope they will never disappear from the internet.

27 December 2011:

  • Weird airplanes:
    • a few new pages under the subject of tandemwings ( it is a first part of the adaption of the old website to this subject)

9 December 2011:

20 November 2011:

  • Weird airplanes:
    • added a link to more info about the British parasites based on airships. Thanks Douglas Anderson.

13 November 2011:

  • Weird airplanes:
    • introduction page for tandemwings. More detailed pages will follow soon.

07 November 2011:

28 October 2011:

  • Weird airplanes:
    • Pipistrel Taurus G4 added to "Twins"

14 October 2011:

13 October 2011:

12 October 2011:

18 June 2011:

17 June 2011:

04 June 2011:

21 may 2011: