New date: Oct 6, 2018 ! !


  • FLY ON october 6th
  • Take selfie in the air
  • Post it at
Done!  ;) Now you can see yourself between the other pilots all over the world doing WUFI.
DON'T FORGET! Tag yourself in the picture to share the experience with your FB-friends. ;)
If you want to meet pilots to do the WUFI-experience together. Go search close-by-living pilots on the WUFI-map. Or them on the WUFI discussion group on FB.

One day, one sky

I like low budget aviation. While visiting Airventure at Oshkosh, USA in 2015, i noticed that just a tiny amount of the airplanes there are affordable. Nearly no airplanes to be seen that a man of the street can afford. This makes that aviation still looks like a impossible dream for the man of the street.  


I want to see more affordable airplanes being shown. But ...our airplanes miss the range to visit those big airshows. So, that becomes a problem. Then it hit me! YES? WE CAN MEET! We can meet in the only place where we all can come together. WE CAN MEET IN THE SKY! And so our moto became: ONE DAY, ONE SKY.

All affordable air vehicles are welcome

Bill Esker invented the name WUFI which stands for World Ultralight Fly In. Ultralight might make you think that you don't belong there if you fly a soaring airplane like a paraglider, a hangglider or a sailplane. No! You are very welcome. With ultralight, we refer to the lightweight, low budget, very basic airplanes. ALL AIRPLANES BELOW CLASS PPL ARE WELCOME.

Thanks to the hard work of Paul Lindamood the first edition of WUFI was a small success ...for a event that was just invented two months before the date. We had about 530 persons in the air on Oktober 10, 2015. You can see the pictures of that day on the first picture facebook group. Click one of the pictures below to get to that list of WUFI 2015 moments.