Clever constructing tips

Handy stuff while constructing
From time to time you see pictures on the internet and you start thinking "If i only knew this, while i was doing that same task !!!!" Well, for those moments i try to collect clever idea's to make the construction of your Flying Flea as easy as possible.

Drilling long holes

When you are sliding a support over a larger wooden part, you always wonder "How can i make a hole that start starts in a hole on the support on this side and comes out exact at the hole of the support at the other side?" You can do it like this: Guess the direction of the hole, drill, see that you are not even in the neighborhood of the hole at the other side, you build the wooden part anew, next time you fix your wooden part in a holder and you measure endlessly to be exact before starting to drill. If you do it like this, you lost time, materials, money, patience.
Or you do it like this clever Russian Flying Flea constructor, Aleksey Altukhov, did. You install a drill machine on a sliding support. Now you need to hold that pin of the support in the hole at the other side and ... start sliding your drilling machine towards that point. If your drill is long enough, you will get at thother side on the right place. If your drill is not long enough, exit the drill and install a longer drill in your nicely aligned hole. It should come out at the exact point.
When i saw this idea i thought "Why didn't i come up with this idea?" Reason: i fear i am not so inventive as this Russian constructor. Thanks, Aleksey, for sharing your idea with us.

Aligning wing hinges

You all want the small dimensions of the Flying Flea. Those folding wings make it even smaller. But ... you need hinges to do that. And ... a common task to install hinges is ligning up the hinges. Do it wrong and you put unneeded forces on the hinges and the holes in which the bolts are placed.
The same Russian constructor showed us this way of getting it right. Super easy! And yes ... you need to remove that rod before flight.  :)