HM14/360 metal parts

Picture-reports of constructions/parts.

Constructing your Flying Flea from plans is possible. But ... seeing how other did it can be a real help.

The following pictures are reports from constructions. Beware! if you use other materials you might have to use other methods.

HM 14

Note: the fuselage of the HM14/360 is very similar, but ..beware of the differences in rear wing placing and possible length-differences in the luggage room or the room under it.

HM 14/360

HM 293

HM 360

Note: the pictures of the HM360 can be useful too for you. The HM360 and HM380 are build very similar.

HM 380

Note: the pictures of the wings of the HM14/360 can be useful for you too.