This is my Ecomobile. These set of pages will tell the story of how i got it, how i leared to ride it and my city-trip-aventures with it.



After some hard thinking i wanted to know it for once and for all. "Is that Ecomobile so hard to steer?" . Why i ask myself this question will be made clear on a later date. Top Secret at the moment.  :)
So ...or i had to...

  • hire one (but that would only give the impression of a single day and give not enough data about its daily use).
  • lend one (but nobody could just give his Ecomobile for such a long time)
  • buy one (which seemed like a hard thing, because they are not really cheap, but ... Steven van den Berghe found for me a second hand at a good price. Some work on it, but he would help to get it rolling)

I choose for the latter. Here he is. A first impression on the next Youtube-video. I could not stop myself to put selfmade dragon-eyes-stickers on it. It has to be my own dragon, right.  :)