Teaching others to ride

I gave Tim Biesemans and Johan Marien the opportunity to learn to ride the Ecomobile.

This fast, enclosed, feet forward motorcycle is told to be very hard to control. We wanted to know why.

Normally one does testrides with training wheels. We had those but had difficulties mounting them. So we did what most told us not to do. We did the test rides without them.

We did not use the official way of teaching. We followed mostly the advise of Paul Blezard who teached me. I got one extra tip from Steven van den Berghe about feeling no forces on the steer. At that point the Ecomobile is at a point if you put the wheels up here, the Ecomobile will continue its current path.

Video report of the day

Tim Biesemans learns to ride first. Remember ...Tim is a very experienced recumbent bike rider and motorbiker. And i am sure it is a advantage when starting to ride a Ecomobile.

Deel 1


Deel 2


Johan Mariën was my second pupil. He was given the same lesson like Tim. Here is his first "wheels up" experience. Watch the video to see where he almost got it wrong. Learn from mistakes of others before you do it yourself.  :)  Johan is also a experienced recumbent bike rider and motorbiker.