The door

Looks bizarre, but is a great design.

You can tell that the Ecomobile looks weird in all its aspects. Even the door is weird.

Some would say that it is just a gullwing door. But this one is not like most gullwing doors taking just half of the roof. It takes more and you can see that in the picture. The central plexi is part of the door. And that makes getting in a bit easier.

Also it gives also the chance to open the door if the Ecomobile is lying on its side. I can tell from experience.  :(

Me in my Ecomobile


Anyway ...getting in and out of the Ecomobile takes a bit of guidance. I have seen many do it without asking how to do and they mostly end up with their legs crossed.

This is the way to do it:

  • get your left foot in and place it next to the seat. Left side of seat.
  • pull yourself in and bring your head above the front plexi. Now you are between the door and plexi with your head.
  • place the right foot where it should be. Next to seat. Right side of course.
  • sit and bring your feet forward.

I have not experienced it, but it is told that the door gives a good rain protection too while getting in of out. I will comment once it can test this.

PS. when tinkering on this Ecomobile i made a slight mistake. It is visible in this picture. Can you see it? I will fix it soon.

This video shows how clumpsy it can be to get in and out of a Ecomobile if you are not used to it. Tim, the person at the front of the Ecomobile, is doing it rather good. The other person had no experience at all.