Available models

A overview of the most known models.

Flying Flea stands for a whole family of airplanes. Henri Mignet made a lot of plans. But ... just a few are available to homebuilders. You will see many differences within the same model. Those modifications were done by the builders. I will try to place at least one standard model in each section.

SPECIAL NOTE: Whatever other sites say, the HM16 or HM160 plans are not intend to be sold to homebuilders. It is a dangerous set of plans! Go see my BIG BAD WOLFS page for more info about it. Also beware of the HM14 plans (edition 1934). For the HM14 you really need the edition of 1936!



Note the differences in struts of front wing, landing gear, engine mount and canopy.
None of the pictures above have the original landing gear. Go see the HM14/360's.  Both airplanes shown there have the original landinggear with bungee cord.

No plans yet in English. The book with the plans is in French.

HM14/360 (hybrid of HM14 fuselage and HM360 wings)


HM14/360 by Bernard DomontHM14/360 "Le Petit Prince" Jim Bruton's HM14/360 
Visit Jim Bruton's blog.

It is a combination of the HM14 fuselage and the HM360 wings. There are no plans yet to make this one without needed modifications. The ones i know were made by guys who had both sets of plans and made the needed modifications to the HM14 fuselage and HM360 wings themself.

REMEMBER... chord of wings of both airplanes are not the same and overlapping is TOTALLY wrong. So you need to slide the wings forwards and backwards to place them correctly on a HM14 fuselage. Make that CG of HM360 wing platform is on the same place as where it should be one the HM14.

You find more detailed info about this variant at http://www.flyingflea.com.ar/home/traditional-fforg-menu-1/hm-14-360

HM280 "Maquis" (designed for the French army)


HM280 plans were never drawn. After the war Mr. Mignet drew a civil version, the HM290 and HM293. Only change was a wider span and more footspace.

The HM 293 of Grunberg is a refined version. So ... if you intend to build a HM280 Maquis, buy the HM 293 plans and paint it in military colors.    ;


HM293 by Yves SegondHM293 canopy detailHM293HM293 with trigearHM293HM293

Note the differences in landing gear, cowlings, rudder and canopies
(open cockpit and classic gear is standard).

Plans are available in French and English.


HM360 with trigearHM360 with classic gearHM360HM360 in flight

Note the difference in landing gear and wingtips
(the white-red one has less rounded wings).
The HM 360 can also be built with a open cockpit.

The stripped one is a standard version.

Plans are available in French and English.



Note the differences in landing gear, canopy and rudder. Standard is the classic gear, canopy with rearwards opening total canopy (like the HM360) and the round rudder with tail-wheel under it. Strangely ...I have no picture of such a version.

The plans of the HM360 have the plans for the HM380 too. If you intend to build a HM360 or the HM380, you need to buy the same HM360/380 plans.

Plans available in French and English.


There are more plans of Flying Fleas available. But they are of other designers. I will not include them in this list. You can see them at the look-alikes page.

Special thanks to Jerome Falc. Most pictures from this collection are of his collection, which you can find at http://jolly.roger.free.fr/Rassemblements.htm