Free plans to play with

For your kids or ... yourself
If you want to have fun with your kids or if you want to experiment yourself, you can download the plans here.
Make sure to get the center of gravity right or it will fly very bad.


Made by Andy Whitehead. It is a nice example of what a flying wing with Bell Shaped Lift Distribution can be. It has no vertical tail, because it does not need it. Read more about the Horten designs to learn more about it.
Click here to get the PDF. Happy building!


Made by Aleksey Sychev from Moscow Russia. I was very pleased to see he named the model like me. And his tip to build it while drinking a Belgian beer is really a must. ;-)
Click this plan to get to the PDF.
Here you have a build-up guide from Russia. The maker knows i am a StarWars-fan, so ... he made the video a bit StarWars-minded.  :-)
Below you can download the RC-edition of this model. Just click the picture to get the PDF.


This plan is a paper tandemwing airplane. Easy to make. But make sure you glue it together with the right angles. They are very important.
You can read more about the real Sunny Boxwing at http://www.sunny-boxwing.de/
The Sunny is the model on the right.

Canard "BRUCE-001"

Another free plan by Aleksey Sychev. This time it is a canard. Both wings create lift while in a classic airplane the tail needs to produce downforce to counter the rotating moment of the main wing. If you want to know more about canards, go read a bit about tandemwings, they are a bit the same.
Click the picture below to get the PDF.
Classic airplane ALP-001
Aleksey Sychev has been very active lately. This classic glider was made as tribute to a friend of Aleksey who teaches kids to learn to fly gliders. A real noble task to give those kids the pleasure of reaching a dream. Learning to fly.
Click the picture below to get the PDF.