The Bird Glider

Flying like a eagle ...

I had two projecys with the same name. One was the basic idea, the other the kit which was the result of loooong development. You will hardly see the connection between both. But i tell you ...we really started with the basic idea and by adding safety and simplicity and comfort, it became the edition which is now availalbe as kit.

BirdGlider, the footlaunchable ultralight glider kit.


I made a special website about this kit. You can find it at . Or just click the logo banner below . You will find all info about the kit there.

If you want to see more details about the build-up of the prototype, you can see them here on this site. Or you can follow it more closely on the BirdGlider facebook group. Be sure to have airplane related stuff in your profile. I try to keep the group spammers free and i screen all the members-requests. If you want to plans (which you can download for free, go see the link i mentioned higher)


The basic idea from which it all started

This idea is a combination of two ideas of me from the past. The BirdWing and the BirdTail. Go see their pages to understand how they work.

My goal was here to create a rather small dimensioned glider, which could be kept in its basic shape (with other words ...not folded up like a regular hangglider) and stored on the top of your car for transport.
The glider is stick controlled. 2 Axis (Pitch (BirdTail) and Roll (first two feathers of the BirdWing)).

I hope that the BirdWing idea will increase the performance of this rather low aspect ratio glider.

The frame is just something basic on which you can land if you want.

I didn't draw the harness to save me time in drawing this quick idea.

  • Chord 1.5 m (4.92 feet)
  • Halfspan (without feathers) 3 m (9.84 feet)

Feathers and BirdTail are dismountable. Rest of wing can be stored in ONE piece on top of a car. Cage stored inside the car. During assembly the steering devise can be attached using two pushrods.


Topview of my The Bird Glider