This pilot carrying cage might help to get beginners flying hanggliders.

I am still a student in hanggliding (anno 2016). I have seen what i did wrong myself (cross steering), i have seen what might go wrong (bad feet landings). I have heard what some people fear when they think about hanggliding.

I hope this might help to get over those thoughts. I hope this DragonPod will let more people begin flying hanggliders. Once they are more confident about their first steps, they can decide to try to classic hanggliding system or ...they might enjoy the DragonPod and stay with it.


  • Lands on wheel instead of feet
  • No need to carry that wing on your shoulders while waiting for a better wind
  • No cross steering (pulling head to right, letting feet go to left)
  • No head first (less frightening)
  • Will not crash on its nose and tip over (front wheel makes nose slip on ground)