The general idea

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  • Easy to make
  • Easy to fly
  • Easy to assemble after transport on top of car
  • Low costs for the builder/user

Goal group

  • Hangglider pilots who like a more comfortable position
  • Persons who cannot afford a composite rigid wing hangglider
  • Beginner pilots of sailplanes

General view

  • Open cockpit
  • High wing
  • High placed tail
  • Central landing wheel
  • Skids at the front
  • Side stick for control elevator - ailerons


The pilot is sitting in a harness, designed and build by a professional paraglider harness manufacturor. It is allowing him to run when foot launching. To get the balance right, a easy system places the pilot at the right position depending on his weight. The two tubes and the strap in front of the pilot will hardly block any forward view. A Swift Light has more tubes in front of the pilot.

The landing gear is just a central wheel and two skids. This choice was made to keep the structure light. Also it serves as a check to see that the glider is not tail-heavy in balance. Tail-heavy is bad for the stability in the air.

At this moment there is no streamlined cockpit cover. But ...that one will arrive after the first test flights with the "open air" cockpit.

Small overall dimensions

It was my intent to create something small. Small dimensions will be a help for glider clubs who have little place for a new glider. And makes it possible to transport this glider on the road on the top of your car. 

Good performance for a beginner airplane

A beginners airplane. Yes, that is what i wanted. Something that is stable, so it will be forgiving enough. Even for a beginner. The design team of Predrag Devic made a bunch of simulations to get the stability right. And yes will be a gentle airplane. Even for beginners.

From day 1 i wanted something that would be a asset for the flying world. Something that might help to get more people in the air. But ...a flying brick does not attract people. So i wanted something that flew better than most beginner hanggliders.

We set our goal on glide ratio 15. And ...we think we can succeed to get it. Maybe not with the open cockpit edition, but surely with the edition with the fairing around the pilot. Time will tell.

Follow the construction of the prototype

To follow the construction, please, use the links at the left of this frame. You can also follow the build-up of the prototype on Facebook. 


2014 10 14 Birdglider Marko 3D With My Pilot 03

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