A revival of the Hovey Whing Ding by Marek Ivanov
The old Hovey Whing Ding always drew a lot of attention as it is such a very basic and light airplane. But ... not many made it according the old plans. Marek Ivanov saw the potential in this old design and started totally redesigning it. I just looooove the end result.
Picture from the website
Picture by Jiri Sofilkanic from the Dingo Aviators FB group.
Can you find their website at https://www.futurevehicles.eu/dingo-en/
You can see many videos of the Dingo flying on their active Facebook Dingo Aviators.
Here is a overview of the specifications i found on their website.
Wingspan 6,57 m 21,56 ft
Wing area 12,55 m2 135,1 ft2
Length 4,45 m 14,6 ft
Elevator span 2,24 m 7,35 ft
Elevator area 1,68 m2 18,1 ft2
Empty weight 95 kg 209,4 lbs
Max take-off weight 220 kg 485 lbs
Fuel tank capacity 10 l 2,64 gal (US)
Average fuel consumption 5 l/h 1,32 gal (US)/h
Maximum load factor +4 G / -2 G +4 G / -2 G


Vne – Max. never exceed speed 100 km/h 54 kt
Max. cruise speed at 7800 ot/ min 70 km/h 37,8 kt
Cruise speed at 7000 ot/ min 60 km/h 32,4 kt
Stall speed Vso 40 km/h 21,6 kt


DINGO can be equipped with a powerplant with power in the range of 25 – 40 Hp and with a maximum weight of up to 24 kg.