Basic UltraLight Motorized welcome to the world of low-budget flying

The designer of the airplane, W S "Bud" Evans calls it a "protest airplane". The protest is against complexity and high costs (source: "Sporting and homebuilt aircraft" by Michael F Jerram).

A completed Volksplane (just needs engine cowl) (Permission to use picture by Fritz Wagoner)

There were done several sacrifices towards performance to keep it as simple as possible. But you can make it better performing. I saw on their site that a lot of variants were made (closed cockpits and so). But that is up to you to decide what you prefer. Simplicity or comfort?

I hope this picture gives a good idea of how the fuselage is built. (Permission to use picture by Fritz Wagoner) A view to the open cockpit. There are also Volksplanes with closed cockpits. Visit the Volksplane site to see them. (Permission to use picture by Fritz Wagoner)Here you see not yet covered with plywood wings. (Permission to use picture by Fritz Wagoner)

You can find more info at www.volksplane.com or http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/kitspages/volksplanes.php

You can see construction pictures Of Frtiz Wagoners project at http://www.zianet.com/fwagoner/