Quickie and look-a-likes

No no ...not a bi-plane!

In the 30's France had Henri Mignet to give it "a airplane for the man of the street". The USA had Burt Rutan in the 70's.

Mr. Rutan already gained fame by his two canards, the VariViggen (first flight 1972) and the VariEze (first flight 1975). Due to the use of a foam core with glassfibre and epoxy skinning, construction time was reduced and a strong, smooth, corrosion resistant, cold and noise insulated wing was the result. For the second time, somebody (Burt Rutan here) convinced the world that you can built your own airplane in your garage.

Maybe it was that fame that brought Gene Sheehan (working in aerospace industry since 1964) and flight test engineer Tom Jewett to Burt Rutan. They asked him to design a airplane around their modified Onan two cylinder engine of 18 HP. The result became ... the Quickie!

The Quickie, a small, lightly powered but fast airplane.Click the picture to get to a page about the Quickie. I got his picture from Ryan of http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Quickie_1

The Quicky was presented at Oshkosh (THE place to show off during the annular meeting) and it received the award "Outstanding New Design". Many bought the plans or kits and started their construction. A Quickie construction fever came to live!

The design was really spectacular. See below links for more details.

I got notice that the plans and kits are no longer being sold by a firm. You need to find a unopened or unfinished kit from a previous buyer. The Quickie builder organization might be a help.

its advantages
the why's of the wing design
its disadvantages
specifications of the three versions

A Dragonfly Mark 2

The Quickie has some look-alikes. The first one is the Dragonfly. Call it a copy? No. You can see the reasons on the special page about the Dragonfly. Just click the picture.
The Dragonfly is a two-seater. You can have it in three version. Wingtip wheels (Mark 1), classic gear (Mark 2) or trigear (Mark 3). Just pick your favorite.
On the Dragonfly page you also can see how they solved the typical front wing problem. Looks easy.

A collection of some of the Quickies and the look-alikes (Dragonfly).