ZERO SR/F transformation

Making a fairing around my electric motorbike.
Original ZERO SR/F
End 2019 i bought a electric motorbike. I became proud owner of one of the first ZERO powerbikes in Belgium.
From spring on, i use it daily on my trip to work and back. 23 km single direction. So ... no problem for a electric motorbike. I even spare the battery by only charging it to 80%. And with only highway speeds from home to work i still have 40% left at the end of the day. I am super happy with this motorbike. I also use it on my cosplay-trips. Yes ... it is me. Did you expect anything normal ???
But ... winter is coming! And this is a naked motorbike. So i came with the following idea.
Work in progress.
After always getting the same remarks it was time to make this video.
Winters in Belgium are just above or just below freezing point. And yes ... as long as there was no indication of ice, i drove daily thanks to this fairing and the heated handles. But ... this fairing was just a quick made thing. I made it in about 3 weeks. Now i want something that looks better and even covers me more. So i came with the following idea.
The front would rotate to give me acces to seat. Seat needs to be new, foot rests and steering system too. All is possible within my abilities. Even the making of a steering system that would be very narrow, but still feels like a full length handle bar.
Roughly the shape would become a bit like this.
The way of getting the legs out is the same way as the one i alread tested with the Monsterbike.