X-bar steering system

My attempt to create a narrow steering system
As my motorbike will have a maximum 70cm wide body, i needed a steering bar that could stay within these boundaries. A classic motorbike rod is about 80 cm and it sticks out more as you turn the bar while steering. 
It took some time but i managed to draw this system. It is 60 cm wide in neutral position and it does not outside the boundaries of 70 cm. Here you see the rough build-up without reinforcements. 
The original rod, which you see on this picture, was already shortened and due to perspective it looks like it is shorter than my x-bar system. But the original rod is still 70 cm wide. The part, from hinge point to the horizontal part on which you install the handles, is curved. One is curved up, the other is curved down. The pushrod-connection points are above each other that way.
And it was my extra wish to make it feel as much natural as possible. And it does. The rod is only 60 cm wide but it gives no problem to turn the wheel when standing still. The steering feels like a rod of 80 cm wide.
Thanks to the curved parts the rods don't touch anywhere.
In these pictures the reinforcement, to keep the hingepoint bolts on the right place, are not made yet. But they block the view to the system.
I know that the build is very very rough. I simply used materials which were left-overs of previous projects in Tims workshop. The threaded rod will be replaced a tougher edition just to be sure it will not bend under pressure.