Stewart Midwinter's Rigid Wings overview


It is back!

A few years ago we lost lot of info about rigid wings when Stewart Midwinter's website went offline. It was a great loss. It has been a source of inspiration to me and a good source of info when comparing similar ultralight gliders. I wanted it back. So ...i asked Mr. Midwinter's permission to place it back online. It mainly has the same info, but in a different shape (sorry, my website looks are pre-made).

Updates and new info.

Feel free to support this section with new info or updates. You can contact me via the contact page. You can send pictures there too. When sending info, please, note where you got that info from. 

Thanks in advance.

Get airborne!  :)

I hope i help people to get airborne with this overview of more affordable airplanes. Not everybody can afford a Cessna or Piper.  ;)

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