Room under luggage

Picture-reports of constructions/parts.
This view I couldn't see in my own HM14/360 fuselage because it is filled with my fuel tank. I was SUPER happy to finally see how it looks like. Geert is still puzzled about the function of the small block (part 89, figure 133) on top of part 75. The rounded parts are placed like mentioned in the book.


Inside that room. Part 38 (figure 121) runs through this room. Its purpose is to replace the strength lost by making those side entering holes to the fuselage.


One might start thinking about just not making those holes. But ... it REALLY is needed to enter the cockpit without making a fool of yourself.

Note:the picture was taken while the fuselage was on its side. I turned the picture to make you better orientate inside this room.


* part numbers and figure numbers are related to the book "Le Sport de l' Air" by Henri Mignet. It holds the plans of the HM14.