Landing gear

Picture-reports of constructions/parts.

View from outside the fuselage. Clearly you can see the metal parts reinforcing the structure. Part 31 runs under part 12. Figure 117 and 121.*

The other side of that large hole. Also visible is the reinforcement ring 50. It strengthens the hole in the plate at the front of the seat.

The cover over the multiple parts that fill the area just behind the place where the landinggear will run. The two holes in it are for steering control parts. Also visible is that fourth transversal stick under the seat. It does not support the seat. Part 33 is that vertical stick that holds the bolts. Parts 51 and 52 are glued to it. Figure 121 and 124.


* part numbers and figure numbers are related to the book "Le Sport de l' Air" by Henri Mignet. It holds the plans of the HM14.