Luggage room

Picture-reports of constructions/parts.
The multi layered reinforcement ring around hole 41 (figure 122) are visible. The standard placed rounded reinforcement plywood parts 84 too.*


The rear bulkhead of the luggage room. It has the rounded reinforcement plates not horizontal like the book mentioned. No, here they are vertical. A mistake. No ...placed that way to be more sure that part 85 will not be pulled of the fuselage by the wing. My HM14/360 by Bernard Domont has the same modification. Be sure is better.


Here you see one of the many changes between a airplane with the rotating rear wing and the later more common fixed rear wing. Part 87 is glued in the middle. Reason: there will be place the hinge of the rear wing. In modern HM14s the rear wing is fixed. And it is being held by two loooong bolts. They are placed at the sides. The nut falls just behind the rounded plywood (part 86). I assure you ... a hell of a place to place a nut.


Would it be possible to just weld that nut to the bolt and insert the bolt in the hole from the underside (from inside the luggage room)? I don't know, but I guess it is a good way to avoid the problems I had.


* part numbers and figure numbers are related to the book "Le Sport de l' Air" by Henri Mignet. It holds the plans of the HM14.