After war - USA

No no ...not a bi-plane!

After his liberation, Delanne needed a year to recover from his imprisonment. But ... the airplane industry has collapsed in France. Even the large firms had troubles. Delanne could not be a part of aviation in France at that time. There was no place to try a unconventional idea.

Being invited to the USA, he tried his luck there. But also here there were major problems in aviation industry. The army reduced its demands a lot. Again, no time and money available to test a unconventional idea. Now comes something weird: the "Air Trial" article says: "Certain government agencies had shown and demonstrated some interest in the system, but their work cannot be discussed in print." I thought: "Huh? What is he trying to say here? Could it now (remember: article is from 1950!) be possible to find data on those things. I have no access to that stuff, if you do ... please ... can you share the data?

At the time of the article there were a few project running (which the writer could print). He mentions interest from the army for a kind of "jeep of the sky" (all task airplane), interest from the farmers for a agricultural airplane and other military ideas that could use the Duo-Mono configuration.

While working on those ideas Maurice H. Delanne worked on a few "free-lance" ideas. One of them was a fighter that could approach the sound barrier and ... land a little faster than a trainer. Also a bomber that could take off from a fighter airstrip. But his sweetheart was a four-seater which even the Sunday-flier could fly safely.