Info about Stratos on internet

Extra info i found
This was mentioned on the Facebook-group History's Greatest Aircraft:
"The prototype, piloted by Ligeti, first flew on 25 April, 1985, with him later reporting that the aircraft fulfilled or exceeded all expectations. The prototype was taken to the 1986 EAA Convention at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where it flew every day for a week. Having returned to Australia, further flight testing was conducted with the prototype."
When this post was forwarded by the group Experimental and Homebuilt Aircraft, it got this message from Dave Limmer:
"Charles was killed in the 2nd prototype of the aircraft, not the one shown in the photo.  He had modified the shroud around the propellor, plus incorporated several other mods.
Charles had explored the low speed characteristics in the original prototype and like many canard or joined wing aircraft, it did not stall as such but had the canard nod.
From what I recall, Charles was exploring the low speed flight regime of the 2nd prototype on his final flight.  I might be recalling incorrectly but I believe that the front wing stalled first as expected, but with the new configuration, the nose dropped excessively, rather than just nodding.  This lead to the loss of control and impact with the ground."