Flying a virtual Open Pou

My FMS Open Pou model

OK, it is download-time!

If you are new to adding models to your FMS-sim, just read this short guide.

  1. Click one of the pictures to start the download.
  2. Save it on a place you don't forget! Unzip the zip-file.
  3. Put all the files from the zip into the Model-directory of the FMS program. By default is is at: c:/program files/fms/model
  4. Start FMS and select it in the Menu - Model - Load .

Enjoy your flight with my models.

If you like my models AND you are a expert in PAR-files, pleeeaaase, help me by creating pars that are more realistic for my models.

Contact me by clicking the head in the upper right corner. Thanks in advance.

Click the picture of the Open Pou to get the zip file with all the needed FMS files.