Part 5: second body proposal

I just received my BMW C1 front window, wiper and the seat belts. I took a picture of the window from the side. Adjusted the picture in Coreldraw in the same scale as the picture of the frame using the wheelbase as reference. And i drew a new draft using a better technique in Coreldraw. You see are never too old to learn something.  :)

You can use this picture to make your own drafts. The distance from bottom (left side) to middle of the top (right side) is 90 cm or 35.4 inches.

The new proposal of the body. I used the picture above to get the front screen in this draft.

Let me explain the new body.

  • The split line of the screen is halfway my face (about place of my ear). Sorry, i wasn't able to keep the transparency this time.
  • The bottom and top of the body is kept as slender as possible.
  • The place where the legs and the arms are is made wider and becomes more narrow towards the rear. The underside of this "bubble" rotates outwards where the legs are. The upperparts serves as protector during falls. the moving parts is very thin and will crumble instead of crush the leg of the rider.
  • The entire front still rotates to give the rider access to the seat.

I installed footrests so i now can really try out the seat position without tensing my stomack to keep my legs up.

Using some old fixation points i could install these temporary footrests.

I noticed that i used my neckmucles. It was something i feared a bit. The seat was too reclined. Adding a small parts on top of the support of the seat solved the problem. this time, the seat felt very natural.

The seat is less inclined due to a longer rear support.

The battery moved to a place behind the seat. Again ...using old fixation points. The cables still need to made longer to fit to the new place.

I received a few questions about my recumbent seating. Many people believe that it is impossible to keep a heavy motorbike upright from a recumbent seat. This video shows them wrong.