Part 3: first body proposal

OK, i choose for option 1, so i started making a draft of what i might make as a bodyshell. It was the first time i used Coreldraw again in nearly ten years (i used Coreldraw 4 at that time!). So ...forgive me the rough draft.

My first proposal of the shape my Monsterbike might get.

The ideas behind this draft are:

  • a rotating front to allow access to the seat. I admit ...idea comes from the animation movie Akira.
  • a BMW C1 screen like the Genesis. Those parts are already ordered at BMW.
  • a part of the rotating door can be pushed outwards by the legs to allow the legs to pop pout of the motorbikes shell and have my feet on the ground.
  • as little as possible open areas at the sides to make that the airflow is better
  • no longer parts sticking out of the shell. The Funbike had still the handle bars sticking out of the side and it made the airflow not as good as i hoped.
  • rear wheel covered by a easy to remove part to allow easy access for repairing the tire if needed.
  • re-use of the original head lights and rear lights.