Part 4: the seat

I placed a recumbent seat on the frame to see how the driver will sit while having his back supported. It gave me a new insight in the situation. Apparently the seat can be more reclined that first thought. Which makes the total height less. But it also makes that the legs feel more at ease when the feet are placed higher.

Here the recumbent seat is installed. No feet rests yet, so i am holding my legs up without support. That explains my not so relaxed face. :)

Now that gives new questions.

  • Can you place the legs on the ground quickly enough? Well ...we had no problems while testing the funbike and there the feet are totally above the front wheel. So ...i guess it will work.
  • Can you keep the heavy scooter upright in that reclined position? I tested that and foudn out it is not a problem at all. Ok, i didn't place the scooter at a angle of 20 °, but that would be a problem too when sitting upright. All you need to do is to use the brake. If you forget to use the brake you push yourself backwards. And pushing backwards in anything that is recumbent on two wheels is not that easy to do properly. Most beginners fall trying to do that. So ...i would advise to do those things when the "door" is opened.
  • The most ideal placement of the handle bars is more backwards. Will it be possible to keep the handle bar inside the body? I guess yes. Reason: i plan to make the handle bar more narrow. Due to the fact that the handle bar is more backwards, it creates a bigger arm of moment. So keep the same amount of moment i can reduce the width of the handle bars.  I know from riding recumbent bikes that it might make the steering a bit more nervous. It will be a good test to find the best position that can turn inside the body and still give a steady steering.