The homebuilt fun-WIG by James Greenberger
James Greenberger took the challenge to create his own WIG. He used the shape of a excisting hull and changed it a bit. Made a 3D and started making the bulkheads of the hull. Glued the bulkheads to the caps and glued panels against it all. And ... you have a hull for a WIG.
The wings are PVC coated nylon, like the material used in jumping castles. And the tubes which hold that fabric can slide into the fuselage. That way it still fits in a garage.

Design in 3D

Making the bulkheads

Assembly of the bulkheads

Covering the hull with panels

Creating the cockpit

Making the rudder

Adding the tubes for the wings

Adding the wing skin

Adding the engine

Lets make it shine. 

Getting the structure together again

Ready for tests on water